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Bid adieu 2018 and a Warm Welcome to 2019

Bid adieu 2018  and a Warm Welcome to 2019

In the last leg of 2018 , Nadipathy would like to bring forth the Great achievements and accomplishments of 2018…. in a crispy way.
Of course trainings have become a part of every month programme as we have been receiveing number of requests and learning passion for Alternative Medicine is really a great change in the present Medical realities and results.

Joyful January

A good start begun with a demand from all walks of life for learning passion by many  non medical professionals…. To learn the Ancient Techniques of Nadipathy’s Therapies ….
A good start after Pongal 2018 with  a training in NADIPARIKSHA(PULSE DIAGNOSIS)
Followed by …..

Fantastic February with…..

ü  An immense interest to learn  Alt Medicine by aspirants  and inquiries made us to conduct  trainings and workshops  in Kakinada and Hyderabad.
ü   Idea of launching Nadipathy Channel came to Dr.KrishnamRaju after he saw  INDIAS PRIDE ISRO PSLV-C37 Successfully Launches 104 Satellites in a Single Flight on (February 15, 2017)
ü  Conducted a free Acupuncture Health Camp , Kakinada

And Nadipathy proudly celebrated this event in a

Marvellous March

ü  Nadi Parksha Treatment @ Nadipathy free health camp,kakinada

Admirable   April

ü Nadipathy’s Spinal Workshop in Association with School of Health sciences JNTUK,Kakinada,
ü Rector JNTUK and Director IST Sri. K Purnanandam garu in detailed about indianism and Ancient scriptures, 
ü Nadipathy Free Health Camp @ Shalom church,Kakinada

ü Dr. Prasad garu, Program Director School of Health Sciences,JNTUK,Kakinada detailed and explained the importance of our Ancient Indian Medical system and Alt.Medicine importance and the time has come now to bring back our system since the existing medical technology and specializations are not curing the disease but giving only a relief and causing side affects now or later.

Magic May

ü  Gow Kalyanam ( Cow Wedding ) by Nadipathy, Kakinada for Universal Peace and good health.
ü  The Natures principles and importance of 5 elements role in Nature by Smt & Sri.Dr.Krishnam Raju are  appreciated by many personalities from all walks of life as he conducted the Ancient Celebrations especially for his loving for the Nature.In this regard Dr.Raju and his wife Smt.Dr.Vijay Lakshmi garu took their step forward and arranged a Marriage event fo an cow (bull ) and
calf ( female ) for Universal Peace and good health.Some highlights of the Marriage

Joyful Jun

ü  Dr.P.KrishnamRaju Nepal Tour  had a great significance ,he had visited some of the Spas,Sonopuncture Therapy centers,Sound healing centers. Again an old and traditional technique being used by these Alternative medical folks. Singing Bowl Tune that treats on Chakra and is a note based tuning, the importance of this healing is the therapists would adjust the chakras based on sound healing which Can be reverberated by using a special crafted bowl.
ü  Singing Bowl Therapy is added in the list of Nadipathy’s Therapies and is giving results with an ease.
ü  Leech Therapy, results are encpouraging and it’s  a routine practice in Nadipathy   to treat for many  chronic issues
ü  A new Therapy has been added in Nadipathys list  with a name called Bamboo Hammer Therapy
ü  International Yoga Day 21st Jun celebrated in Nadipathy.
ü  Chromo Therapy and  Hip Bath Therapy were launched in Nadipathy.

Adorable August

ü  Independence day @Nadipathy India’s Independence Day 
ü  A routine hectic activities with Trainings in Acupuncture and Leech Therapy
ü  Followed by a great Local event of Beach Sand Therapy.
ü  Scraping Therapy used for patients suffering with L4-L5.
ü  Nadipathy awareness camp conducted.
ü  Banana Leaf Therapy conducted

Stimulus September

·       Trainings in Acupuncture and others

Awesome October

ü  Dr.P.Krishnam Raju Founder & Chairman received INDO - DUBAI FELLOWSHIP AWARD  in Dubai
ü  International Acupuncture Day Holistic Awards- 2018 given by Nadipathy
ü  A routine hectic activities with Trainings in Acupuncture.

Nice November with World Records

ü  Great time with renowned International acclaimed physician Dr.BM Hegde by Dr.P.KrishnamRaju ,Nadipathy and Acu healer Mr.Madhu and research team members met him.Dr.Raju and team were flown to Chennai and met Dr.Hegede and his associate Dr.Krishnaswamy at Meta Physical Energy Medicine Research center in Alwarpet,Chennai.
ü  On the occasion of Dhanwantari Jayanthi the Nadipathy and team had conducted Dhanwantari Homam for the welfare of the World for a Good health.
ü  Nadipathy Team met Padmabhushan Prof. B.M.Hegde & Dr C.V Kirshnaswami at PMDRC Chennai — with Nadipathy Channel and 8 others.
ü  Celebrated  Naturopathy Day -2018 and set a World Record by Natures Lovely Therapy Mud-bath in Nadipathy Centers.
ü  In this regard Nadipathy had conducted with a total of 100 members/patients by using Mud bath and exposed to the Sun.
ü  World Diabetes Day conducted on 14th November  in Nadipathy Centers Kakinada and Hyderabad.

Dynamic December

ü  A dynamic Team of scientists from Janasena party  had come to Nadipathy,Kakinada center and met Dr.KrishnamRaju and they were very much appreciated our Nadipathy Treatment procedure to eradicate the Uddanam Kidney issues, in this regard Dr.Raju render his helping hand to treat the Uddanam patients at their villages with a free of cost.

·       Besides all these activities the rush of the patients and the results are improving with an encouraging way.
·       Every day Dr.KrishnamRaju and his Nadipathy Channel crew telecast a new articles in YouTube channel http://Nadipat channel
·       This year Dr.Rajfus efforts in treatment methods spread across the World and inpatients were suffering mainly with chronic diseases especially Kidney related, Spinal issues, Psoriasis and Thyroid.
·       In this year every month we have been conducting training camps to the aspirants,certified Doctors and other professionals. Some of our trainings are......
*   Acupuncture &Auricular Therapy
*   Pulse Balancing
*   Bamboo Wooden Hammer Therapy
*   Leech Therapy
*   Spinal Therapy

Health Camps as usual by serving the poor and others in all communities in and around Sarpavaram, Kakinada.
New Therapies were added like Bamboo Hammer Therapy,Singing Bowl Therapy,Leech Therapy .........

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