Tuesday, December 19, 2017

NADIPARIKSHA(PULSE DIAGNOSIS) Training & Workshop, Nadipathy Kakinada

This workshop/training would help you to learn the Ancient Diagnostic methods that reveals the Past- Present and future health conditions of the patient where in by adhering Diet principles, the future diseases can also be easily avoided
• Nadi Pariskha – Vatha –Pitta- Kapha ( Ancient Ayurveda Principles)
• 5 elements theory and finding the defected element of the patient and learn how to cure?
• Finding the defected element in the 12 organs by Ancient Diagnostic Methods.
• Finding the conditions of the 12 Meridians
• Finding the conditions of the 12 Organs
• Finding energy levels of 7 Chakras and balancing the imbalance chakras
• The “Shat Shakti” diagnose methods.
• External organ diagnosis and condition.
• Finding the Internal Organs defects.
• Diet impact – How to prescribe suitable Diet
Course includes Basic and Advanced Nadipariksha with a practical training.
Workshop Certificate & Diploma-Certificate will be given After 6 Months Course Material will be Provided
Place & Venue:
Nadipathy: Ramanayya Peta, Kakinada-05.
Date :: 2 days course begins from 20th and 21st January 2018
Training Timings:: 6Am to 6 pm
Food & Accommodation will be provided.
Contact: Mobile : +91 8885011324 / 325
Website: nadipathy.in

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